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Photo: Em Watson

Company Members

​​Young Dance Collective (YDC) is a socially-conscious, modern dance company for young people that is entirely devoted to the artistic growth and exploration of its members.

Young Dance collective explores the history and future of dance as an art form while discovering what motivates us to create movement. Our mission is to foster the growth of balanced individuals who think critically about their lives, their art, and the world around them.

Movement breaks through all kinds of boundaries in a way that other art forms do not. by nature,it is collaborative - the young dancers have to cooperate, they get close, they build trust. Beyond this, in YDC they are encouraged toward discussion with one another, and are guided in conversation by an adult who asks them what they think. This pushes them to question and understand how they can express their thoughts through the art of movement. We believe this makes YDC unique.

We meet at Gus Solomon's Jr.'s studio and are very grateful to him for the use of his beautiful space!

​Beatrice White

Kaya Jarvis
Jasper Stein-Mattson
Josiah Morrison Pannell

Nyah Raposo​​

Fiona Jarvis

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