Young Dance Collective (YDC) is the young dance company in CULLEN&THEM'S program for young people. It is a socially-conscious, performance group for young people that is entirely devoted to the artistic growth and exploration of its members.

Young Dance collective explores the history and future of dance as an art form while discovering what motivates us to create movement. Our mission is to foster the growth of balanced individuals who think critically about their lives, their art, and the world around them.

Movement breaks through all kinds of boundaries in a way that other art forms do not. by nature,it is collaborative - the young dancers have to cooperate, they get close, they build trust. Beyond this, in YDC they are encouraged toward discussion with one another, and are guided in conversation by an adult who asks them what they think. This pushes them to question and understand how they can express their thoughts through the art of movement. We believe this makes YDC unique.

We meet at Gus Solomons Jr.'s studio and are grateful to him for the use of his beautiful space!

Hannah Cullen

Kim Cullen, President

Anne Lewison, Secretary

Deborah Oster Pannell, Treasurer

Lev Ratnofsky

David Taylor

​Lisa West



Kim Cullen

Advisor & Founder

Young Dance Collective

About Young Dance Collective

Hannah Cullen was raised in New York City where she is now living and creating work that incorporates movement, writing, and social activism. Hannah graduated in May 2015 with a BFA in Dance from NYU Tisch School of The Arts. Before attending Tisch, Hannah studied at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in the pre-professional program and was a founding member of the collaborative, choreographic company Young Dance Collective. At NYU/Tisch, Hannah has performed works by Pamela Pietro, Cora Bos Kroese, and Bill T. Jones, as well as being a part of the Cunningham Event set by Rashaun Mitchell. Hannah has also performed in works by Pascal Rioult, Johannes Wieland, Larry Kegwin, and Noémie Lafrance.

Photo: Em Watson

Kim Cullen founded the Young Dance Collective in 2001 based on her years of work in the field of dance education and her desire to foster an intellectual, creative process driven by discussion and critical thinking among young people.   Through her many years of working in the field, Kim is fully integrated in the New York City dance community and has high, professional standards for the work that Young Dance Collective produces.

Young Dance Collective is what Ray Oldenburg calls a “third place,” a setting for the creative exchange of ideas, grassroots politics and a community-gathering place outside of the realms of home and school (or work).  This opportunity for face to face dialogue, creative processing and spontaneity is incredibly important in our current cultural climate.

Equally important is the exploration of live-time performance and visual art and Kim is committed to exposing these young dancers to an abundance of it as they delve deeply into their creative selves and the urban culture that surrounds them.

Photo: Sandra Spannan

Hannah has always created work and choreographed six pieces at Tisch, many of which led to the making of her first evening length work. Entitled Us, Me, They, She, the work tackled gendered inequality as it pertains to both women and men, how expectations associated with gender influence and affect our individual identity, and how that in turn affects the way we view women in our society. Currently, Hannah is rehearsing and writing a new piece that looks at fear and memory and how those root inequality in our minds. Her motivation is to make socially engaged work that uses the spoken word and highly physical movement to incite thinking in her audience and connect with communities. 

Please contact her at to share thoughts and ideas, to support the company and to invite us to a cultural event!

Hannah Cullen

Artistic Director, cullen&them